Thursday, May 13, 2010

housekeepers "telling all."

Star magazine did a story on Hollywood housekeepers "telling all." The article claimed to reveal some "exclusive secrets" that would leave the reader shocked. Obviously I was excited to find out some jaw-dropping information.

Right after I called my housekeeper and gave her a sweet raise, I settled down to read the article. Apparently, Jay-Z and Beyoncé are "demanding." No kidding. Mariah Carey wanders around tipsy. Still waiting for a surprise. Jennifer Aniston likes to walk around in a bikini. Oh, that must be horrible for the cleaning lady. You'd have to force clothes on me if I looked like that.

I was getting pretty frustrated, but then I stumbled upon something that threw me for a loopty-loop. Britney Spears' former maid claims she once pulled a half-eaten burger from under the pop star's bed. Look under my bed and try to find a plate with anything but crumbs. At least Britney knows when enough is enough.


About Marta Perrone said...

Every celebrity or public figure who hires any household help should have their employees sign a Confidentiality Agreement to avoid this kind of gossip. It is wrong and unprofessional of any household employee to talk about their employer in any manner, but to ensure some legal consequences, it is best to have an agreement.

Marta Perrone
The Professional Housekeeper

Eclipsed said...

Nothing shocking in that article at all. Oh and you'd never catch me wasting any part of a delicious burger. Brit Brit must have been in her head shaving phase when she let that one go.

Grabbing your button btw!

Charlene said...

Glad you posted this, because I saw that and wanted to buy it, LOL! It doesn't sound like it was worth the money it was printed on, let alone having to purchase it. At least I got my celeb gossip for the week heehee!

Ashley Stone said...

haha, too funny! Seriously, if I looked like Jennifer Aniston I'd walk around in a bikini too!


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