Thursday, January 28, 2010

Share your best look ever!

You know how as woman we always look at other woman, and think to our self, wow! how did she put this look together? or I wounder where did she got this dress? it looks so good on her. I wold like to still her style. well now you can!

Today I want to get some discussion going around ‘Your Best look’ – and give you a chance to show your can be best clothes you wear.Clothes that work for you in showing off your best features and minimizing the not-so-flattering ones.
Best makeup, or hair style...something that you do for yourself, and you know for sure you look so darn cute!

Tell us about why do you consider it to be your best look, where did you perches the clothes,makeup,hair product, and about how much did you spend? In short just tell us how to?

What was the occasion? wedding, first day off school, beach day, date night the list goes on and get my drift...

You can post pic,video,links.

Can’t wait to see your best shots and stories in comments below. Tell all your friends, we can all help each other look our best.

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