Thursday, February 4, 2010

#1 Moves for Abs,Butt and Armes

If you only have a short time to exercise, These are the best moves to get result fast.

For Ab
Get in a push up position with heels together, arms shoulder width apart. Hope both feet out about the width of yoga mat-then jump them back in.

Do 3 sets of 10

pull in lower abs.

For Butt

Stand with feet hip width apart and knees soft. step right foot back into lunge, bending both knees about 90 degrees, pause, press through left heel and stand. Immediately step right foot out to the side, keeping left leg straight. Bend right knee and sit back, pause, return to starting position. Do 15 times, and then switch sides. Try to go for 2 sets.

For Arms

Get into push up position with knees on the floor. Slowly bend elbows and lower chest, stopping a few inches above the floor, push back up. Do 15 work up to 2 sets.


Brambleberry Cottage said...

Thanks for the tips. I need something that's simple and quick!

Tammy said...

I just did Biggest Loser Yoga with Bob Monday and last night. All those muscles you just talked about are crying out today! Talk about a great workout! I am going to fit your ideas in on days I don't have time to do the DVD or walk.

Chanda the Eco-Cheap Mom said...

I can use all of those moves! Thanks for sharing, and stopping by from SITS to say hi!

One Southern Girl said...

Thanks for following my blog! I'm your latest follower!

Marcy said...

Happy (belated) SITS Saturday Sharefest! I was trying to visit on Saturday from my phone but I guess it didn't work. Your blog is full of great information! The title of this post definitely caught my eye when I was going through the comments at SITs so I definitely had to come for a visit.


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