Friday, February 5, 2010

why we frantically searching for love?

Sometimes it feels like we spending most of our life's searching for our other half. There is a mythical story that might explain it and story goes something like this: We were once composite creatures that were both male and female. Each being had one head with 2 faces, four hands and four feet, and both male and female genitals. Being unified and whole, our ancestors had tremendous force. They were so strong that they dared to attack the gods. The gods of course will not tolerate this insolence, but they didn't know how to punish the humans. If they killed them, there will be no one to worship and offer sacrifices to the gods. Zeus came up with the solution. Man will continue to exist, but they will be cut in two. The two halves were then sent in opposite directions to spend the rest of their lifes searching frantically for the other half, the reunion would restore their wholeness.

So as for us this days we want to find the right person, that perfect mate, the one that will complete us and make us what do you think?

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