Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All my single ladies!! Feng Shui your bedrooms to attract a lover.

These suggestions are for single woman who want to attract some romance in their lives:

Stuffed animals and dolls on the bed is a big NO NO!! it whispers to a new lover that the bed is already taken. Make room for romance by giving them a home somewhere else.

Romantic spontaneity is hampered and stopped by a sea of pillows on the bed, so cull the pillow herd. Design a sensuous, uncluttered bed that you can fall into without a single care.

Change art portraying companionless figures, solitary flowers, and other lonesome subjects to twosome art: two people, flowers, or two anything that you like.

Get rid of some clutter in you closet, make some room for his stuff.


Maggi said...

Great tips, even for the married ladies! lol

Jennee said...

yes...but how do I get a lover?!?!?! lol


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