Friday, February 5, 2010

The In-laws are coming!

The in-laws are coming to dinner tonight. I will make a fabulous meal and dessert (will post later the recipes and pic) but to get to the point what an hassle and so much work... It's going to be a long night for me. Starting with the cooking, entertain,conversation, feeding my son and entreating him all the while trying to finish dessert and make Coffey, giving a bath to Ben, reading for him, finish the dishes and clean up, playing Ben fav Video and try to get him to go to sleep, they are still here?! What J is doing you asking yourself? not much of anything, except falling asleep on the sofa living me to do all the hosting for HIS family...what a lovely guy;) ( he really is, just clueless) does anybody feel my pain? I just needed to vent in advance.


Juliana said...

Hope it goes well. I adore your blog--the makeup tips, the yoga tips the love...your etsy!

I am a new reader from the FF list. Please come follow back if you would like. I am doing some great giveaways right now and have some great ones coming up! Nice to meet you!

Acting Balanced Mom said...

Hope all goes well... My grandfather used to have a great trick for getting people out of his house when they hadn't taken other hints... he'd unbutton his shirt, take off his belt, head upstairs saying "Don't forget to turn off the lights and lock the door on your way out... goodnight..."

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

AmericanTribal said...

Omg, I totally feel your pain! I really don't like when the in-laws come and visit because no matter how much I work and cook and clean I don't ever feel like it's enough... and you can be sure my wicked mother in law will b*tch about *something*... she drives me NUTS.
Good luck with the visit, I hope everything goes well and I hope your husband does his share of work!

Anonymous said...

Yes I do feel your pain! Isn't it too bad we can't do all that and enjoy too? :0)

So glad you liked the pink today and thanks for linking up at Friday Follow! I am now your newest blog follower.



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