Thursday, February 18, 2010

Celeb Bodies: Guess Who?!

Kelly Ripa

We are going to play a little game of guess who?! I’ll post a photo of a celebrity body part and you are going to try to guess who it belong to. And tomorrow I’ll give you the answer and the full pic. It’s always good to see they are not so perfect we all have flows and we need to stop obsessing over imperfections in our bodies. What you see in magazines, TV and movies not always the way this people look in real life. So go ahead love your body.


Linda said...

Wow that is an "outy"! Ummm Cameron Diaz? What do I win if I'm right? Stopping by from SITS! Have a great day.

Annie D said...

Tara Reid?

Em Static said...

Those are both good guesses. I'm gonna second the Tara Reid thing.


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