Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Bachelor= The Big Fake

Am I the only one who sees through what ABC is doing with Ali? Ali was never truly interested in Jake. I think the show’s producers asked her to come and play the game so that she could be set up as the next bachelorette. That scene when she called Jake was soooo fake. She wasn’t even sad or crying. It seemed all staged to me. Now she is doing her rounds with the daily talk shows…getting her stock up for the next bachelorette. Now there is a campaign for Ali to be the next bachelorette. It seems that the show creates characters for us to like so that we can get all excited about the next season (just as we did with Jake). While I don’t like Vienna, she does seem more into Jake than Ali did. He should have gone with Tenley, but I guess the stripper pole is more appealing than the ballet pole! Unfortunately, Jake does not seem to be the smartest dude in the class! He is making a decision based on sex appeal. While Vienna is not cute, she oozes sex appeal and he is drawn to her. Now I understand why this young, attractive, successful guy has managed to remain single all these years. He goes after the WRONG girls. While he does seem to be a nice guy, he will finish last again. This is the show I love to hate:)


Sarah Beth said...

I totally agree, but I hope you're wrong about Ali being the bachelorette! I can't stand her - I haven't liked her since she was so mean to Vienna, even if I think Vienna is an idiot. I vote for Tenley or Gia for the next Bachelorette!

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

Big bachelor fan here. I just watched this with my sister a few hours ago. At first the show was fun now its so somber. Love Jake but what is he thinking some times.

(The) Ladybug Lounge formerly Msslaydbug said...

I agree. Bachelor has alwas =ys been my guilty pleasure but I'm seeing through it more and more. This season has been a real disappointment for me !


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