Friday, March 5, 2010

Meg Ryan VS. Susan Sarandon

According to Star magazine, Meg Ryan and Tim Robbins have been "quietly hooking up."

I don't like this story. He was with such a beautiful woman for years. This feels like a step down. Susan Sarandon looks amazing, hasn't screwed up her face, and doesn't seem to be afraid of getting older. Meg Ryan on the other hand, could give Lisa Rinna a run for her money in a fish-face competition. Her face looks crazy.
If Tim Robbins wants something that looks like that, he should just pork an old leather purse.

quick, call batman. i found the joker.


Krajcimama said...

Awww...I use to be such a Meg Ryan fan. It stinks that her looks have gone downhill so much. She is not growing old gracefully.

On the other hand - Tim Robbins is no big prize. I always thought that Susan could have done better anyway - I figured he must be a REALLY great guy to be someone she wanted to be with...guess not.

Cassie said...

Buwhahahahahahaha. I totally agree :o)

Cassie said...

Oh and be sure and check out my blog tomorrow. It's all about you :o)

Courtney said...

You have an award on my blog!

Kelley said...

I agree 100%.... Meg Ryan was so cute and not looks soooo plastic!

Have a great wekeend!

Agy Talks said...

I am a big Meg Ryan fun too, although she doesn't look good lately she is still one of the best actresses in my opinion..


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